Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village now offers Birdie Boot Camp!

Parrot Training Boot Camp










The purpose of the camp is to help potential adopters, current parrot owners, and interested individuals learn more about these magnificent and challenging creatures.

Topics for Basic Birdie Boot Camp will be:

  • Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village
  • How to adopt a Village parrot
  • Introduction to Parrots
  • Proper Diet
  • Health and Illnesses
  • Cages and Supplies
  • Dangers in the Home
  • Behavior Issues
  • Care and Enrichment

The format will be a mix of presentation by Miss Vicki and open discussion with Vicki and others. Sign-up will be via our web page. The camp fee will cover the cost of handout materials. More camp details will be provided below in the “Signup-form” section. We hope you will join us at one of these fun and informative events.

All applicants to adopt a Village parrot are required to attend a Birdie Boot Camp before you may proceed with your application. We also encourage anyone who has adopted a Village bird to attend the camp. The camp is open to anyone who wants to learn more about parrots.

Each camp will be limited in attendance due to room occupancy limits. Everyone counts toward the camp attendance limit, including children. At this time we do not offer special programs for children. There will not be any child care on premises. The camp will be mostly lecture and some demonstration – please use your best judgement with respect to bringing children. Unless you have an older, mature child, you may not want to bring them.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these events.

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