Adoptable Birds

Before looking at the pictures of the gorgeous birds we have for adoption, please read the following:  So, you think you want a parrot?  Parrots are extremely difficult to care for, especially for as many years as they will be in need of care.  No matter how beautiful they are, how much they seem to like you, or how much you want one, very few people are able to make the constant sacrifices necessary to care for a parrot in captivity.  Please do your homework prior to making this life-long commitment to one of these birds.

If you are a parent and think that a bird is a great gift for your child, please read the book The Lonely Parrot by Lisa Kelley.  We have a copy here you may read, but I strongly encourage you and your child to read it more than once.  Lisa and JoJo generously donate a portion to each book sold to Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village, so please pick up your copy today!

Benefits of Adopting a Village Parrot:

  • All of our birds have been to our avian vets at The Atlanta Hospital for Birds and Exotics (now closed) and/or For Pet’s Sake.  All birds have been given a full well bird check and blood work.  Cultures and gram stains have been done on an as-needed basis.
  • All of our birds have been converted to a healthy diet
  • Your adoption fee includes all of their toys and perches in their cages, valued from $50-$100
  • Your adoption fee includes all wing and nail trims for the life of the bird, valued at an average of $8-$10 per month
  • Your adoption allows you to purchase all food, toys, supplies, and cages at wholesale prices, often less than half of retail
  • Your adoption gives you a guaranteed boarding space
  • Your adoption gives you free access to future classes and events
  • Your adoption includes all follow up visits for education, behavior, and in-home consults at no charge.
  • Most importantly, your adoption fee pays for the next bird in need of a home.  Without this fee, we could not take in another bird and find him/her a new home.  Your adoption fee saves another parrot; it truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

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For any questions, please use the Contact Us link.  Thank you!