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Who We Are Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), non-profit parrot rescue that is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. We are located approximately 15 miles south of Atlanta. We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home parrots of all…


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Each bird here at “The Village” has a story. That story determines what type of person or family the bird will be happiest with. In order to do our best to ensure that your home will be a proper fit…



Q: What amenities are included in the daily boarding donation? A: We supply a cage of appropriate size, a morning meal of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains, an afternoon meal of pelleted food and seeds (we have Harrisons and Zupreem…



Your gift helps fund a full range of services for rescued birds including food, shelter, toys, veterinary care, insurance, transportation, cages, play areas, and more. 100% of all donations go directly to the birds. Even $1.00 will provide a fresh pomegranate…

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Wednesday May 4th, 2016 - 1:59 pm

If you have used the contact form or the surrender form in the last couple of months, your messages were going to an inactive email.
I have been able to track most of them down and fixed the problem, and I apologize for any inconvenience.
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Monday May 2nd, 2016 - 8:02 pm


We are having air quality issues in the rescue area and are in need of a HVAC person or company that understands the stresses birds put onto regular systems. The dust alone has put one A/C unit and 2 split systems near death, despite constant cleaning.

The area is 1400 square feet with doors and windows, but I fear our demands are too great for the current systems and none will survive the summer heat.

If you know of someone who can help, please have them contact me asap at

Thank you!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Missy PoundDo you have any Austins running?2 days ago

Miss Vicki's Parrot Village, IncWe have 4 running 24/7, but the cockatoo dust renders them helpless. They are not designed for this type of abuse.1   ·  2 days ago

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Sunday April 24th, 2016 - 3:36 pm

A big thank you goes out to Myra and Jim Anderson for picking up 'Mimic' after she was found in Fulton County.

Another big thank you to Brett Schug, Janelle Kovner, Amber Kobelt and others who shared the info and Kaitlyn at Fulton County Animal Services for watching out for this precious bird.

Blue is being reunited with her family today! She is 4 years old and speaks Spanish! I have enjoyed spending time with her, but I will enjoy watching her go home much more! ... See MoreSee Less

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Amber Goins-Finleyso happy for her and her family... nice work guys...1   ·  2 weeks ago

Lynli Brown VincionAwesome! Great team work guys! Way to go!2 weeks ago

Rose Essex1 week ago

Linda Polk McKelvie1 week ago

Janelle Tait KovnerYay!!!!!1 week ago

Vicki FagedesHappy ending!1 week ago

Beth RisingHow lucky for Blue.1 week ago

Myra Grisham AndersonWonderful! Awesome!1 week ago

Amber KobeltTeam work!!!1 week ago

Janelle Tait KovnerDo they know about Bird Club!1   ·  1 week ago

Denise Duclerc VerçosaI'm SO happy she found her way back home!!1 week ago

Tess Eagles1 week ago

Tess EaglesYea for great humans who care!!!!!1 week ago

Kelly HafnerSo glad this beauty's going home!1 week ago

Genevieve SchmidtAwww! And such a precious girl, too! Yes, many kudos to Myra & husband!5 days ago

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Friday April 22nd, 2016 - 2:07 pm

I am in need of an emergency pick up from Fulton County Animal Services on Marietta Blvd NW in Atlanta. If you have valid ID, a carrier for a macaw, and a desire to brave Friday traffic to get dear 'Mimic' to The Village, you will earn the title of 'Birdie Hero'!
Please text me at 770-314-9980 if free to help, thank you!
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Stacey MacKenzieIf no one else has volunteered, we could do it tomorrow morning. I have a large carrier and free time!2 weeks ago

Myra Grisham AndersonPicked up and delivered, safe and sound, to Miss Vicki!6   ·  2 weeks ago

Pam JohnsonWish I lived by you to help. In Illinois. Glad you found someone2 weeks ago

Dana ZahlerI think someone just posted they lost him. Same bird?2 weeks ago

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I can't imagine a better "stop" along the way to finding a new home than Miss Vicki's and her crew! I've seen first hand who she is and what she does! Thank you all!

- Janet Holt Hilton

100% applause. This is my dream and someone else is livin it! Awesome job! I wish I had millions to help. I loved the feathered friends!

- Yancy K Quinn

One of the most tightly run clean and caring rescues I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Highly recommend for advice or adoption!

- Dia Frost

A joy to be in such a wonderful, happy bird place. If you have never visited, and are interested in adopting a wonderful bird who is waiting for a new home, make plans to go!!

- Janelle Tait Kovner

Your gift helps fund a full range of services for rescued birds including food, shelter, toys, veterinary care, insurance, transportation, cages, play areas, and more.

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