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Who We Are Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), non-profit parrot rescue that is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. We are located approximately 15 miles south of Atlanta. We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home parrots of all…


Adoption Process

Each bird here at “The Village” has a story. That story determines what type of person or family the bird will be happiest with. In order to do our best to ensure that your home will be a proper fit…



Q: What amenities are included in the daily boarding fee? A: We supply a cage of appropriate size, a morning meal of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains, an afternoon meal of pelleted food and seeds (we have Harrisons and Zupreem…



Your gift helps fund a full range of services for rescued birds including food, shelter, toys, veterinary care, insurance, transportation, cages, play areas, and more. 100% of all donations go directly to the birds. Even $1.00 will provide a fresh pomegranate…

100% of all donations go directly to the birds...

If you would like to contribute by Paypal, please click the button to the right. Even $1.00 will provide a fresh pomegranate…a favorite treat around here!

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Saturday October 25th, 2014 - 6:54 pm

The toys and the Legos are arriving! Updates posted soon! Thank you!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Catherine Elizabeth GrantLEGO?4 hours ago

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Friday October 24th, 2014 - 11:41 am

Those who know me know my passion for Whole Foods. It was a personal goal and secret dream of mine to partner with them so the birds could benefit from their community giving programs.
Thanks to our Genevieve and Whole Foods Market in Buckhead, we have our first fresh produce donation! I may be floating on clouds all day long, but I will come down just in time to make some delicious and nutritious treats for the birdies!
We love you Whole Foods!
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Eloise Bezanson- YeadonThat is wonderful and very proactive of you to approach them! Fresh produce is so important for our birds. I wish we had a Whole Foods outlet in our province.2 days ago

Heidy Leon ClarkHow fabulous !2 days ago

Lana McVey JimenezFantastic. I sent you an email about a lost parrot. My friends Senegal got out and has been flying around the area.1 day ago

Gini C HymanThat's terrific!1 day ago

Annette PipesHow wonderful!! I love Whole Foods also, and now I have yet another good reason to be a loyal customer!1 day ago

Cindy DickAwesome that a huge chain would do this for you!! Our small rural store does for us, its so great. Enjoy and we would love to have Whole Foods in our city!1 day ago

Mary Allison ThomasThat is fantastic! Now I feel even better about shopping there.1 day ago

Holly JaneAmazingly wonderful. Congrats.1 day ago

Heather SpottsMakes me love whole foods even more!1 day ago

Oakley RiggsCongrats to you and the birds, quite a coup.1 day ago

Cathy Williams JoynerYeah, I always watch the Whole Foods employees at the end of the night, dumping TONS of packaged fruits and veggies into giant 'trash boxes'. Totally creeped me out, so I went up and questioned them, "What do you guys do with that stuff?" They told me they donate to animal rescues, and I almost hugged them! :D hee hee... I am GLAD you got a box of it!! Hopefully that will become a pattern!11 hours ago

玲玲It sounds a very good news to the birdies !!3 hours ago

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Thursday October 23rd, 2014 - 9:25 pm

The Village tries to work with or help other rescues whenever possible. This year, we would like to invite you to join us in sending a box of toys to Treasured Wings Parrot Rescue in Ontario, Canada. They helped us last year during our auctions, so we are returning the favor. I have a box started for their 27 birds, so if you are sending toys to us for our toy drive and want to put an extra one in for Treasured Wings, I will add it to the box and ship it north mid December. The shipping is on me, and many thanks for your continued support! ... See MoreSee Less

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Christine Lynn FrechAww Thank you so much Miss Vicki's Parrot Village, Inc2   ·  2 days ago

Miss Vicki's Parrot Village, IncYou are very welcome! Just wait until you see the framed prints you sent last year...oh goodness...they are gorgeous!1   ·  2 days ago

Christine Lynn Frechoh i bet i have some as well she is a amazing artist cant wait !!2 days ago

Mary Allison ThomasCan you give us some favorite birdie toy suggestions?1 day ago

Annie ParkWhen do you need the toys by for your toy drive, miss vicki?23 hours ago

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I can't imagine a better "stop" along the way to finding a new home than Miss Vicki's and her crew! I've seen first hand who she is and what she does! Thank you all!

- Janet Holt Hilton

100% applause. This is my dream and someone else is livin it! Awesome job! I wish I had millions to help. I loved the feathered friends!

- Yancy K Quinn

One of the most tightly run clean and caring rescues I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Highly recommend for advice or adoption!

- Dia Frost

A joy to be in such a wonderful, happy bird place. If you have never visited, and are interested in adopting a wonderful bird who is waiting for a new home, make plans to go!!

- Janelle Tait Kovner

Your gift helps fund a full range of services for rescued birds including food, shelter, toys, veterinary care, insurance, transportation, cages, play areas, and more.

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